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Reset Your Metabolism with a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan.

Are you ready for…

  • Weight loss and improved energy
  • Hormonal balance
  • Improved immune function
  • Improved Gut related issues
  • Potential reduction or elimination of the need for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetic medication
  • Reduced allergies and intolerances
  • Potential benefit for sufferers of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Type 2 Diabetes, and the metabolic syndrome
  • Improved joint inflammation and pain

My goal is to help you reach your optimal health with my personalized approach to nutrition and lifestyle. We will treat the root causes of any imbalances leaving you feeling: energized, balanced, and equipped with the knowledge needed to maintain your optimal health and wellbeing.

My approach is centered around scientifically proven nutrition and lifestyle strategies that are easy to understand, tailored to your goals, and sustainable.

Metabolic Balance® is a scientific tool that I use to help me understand your unique biochemistry and put together your personalised plan. Along with analysing your health history and taking into account your personal food tastes, we will do an in-depth analysis of 36 of your blood markers to tell us exactly which natural foods you should be eating in order to bring about the biochecmical changes needed to reach your desired weight and health goals.

Are you ready for sustainable changes?

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Your personalised plan includes four phases:

PHASE ONE: Preparation Phase

Two days of light simple meals alongside gentle cleansing are used to prime your body for the metabolic ‘re-set’ to come and to assist with digestive cleansing and detoxification.  

PHASE TWO: Strict Adjustment Phase

This phase lasts at least two weeks and consists of 3 wholesome meals each and every day. Each meal is carefully constructed to improve any sluggish or faulty metabolism and to fully replenish any depletions in nutrient status that have been detected.. This strict adjustment phase helps to shift old unwanted habits, such as the need to snack or binge, and slowly detoxifies the body and adjusts your metabolism.  To do this, strenuous exercise is kept to a minimum for the first 14 days as the body becomes metabolically agile, allowing it to efficiently burn both glucose and fat.  Once this is achieved, energy levels and wellbeing also begin to increase.

PHASE THREE: Relaxed Adjustment Phase

Phase 3 starts to relax the rules and foods not on your plan are reintroduced carefully.  You will learn which foods really work for your body and which cause digestive issues, tiredness, headache or joint pains.   Interestingly, many old food sensitivities start to diminish during this phase.  Exercise is now encouraged.  Most exciting is the introduction of ‘treat meals’, where you can indulge yourself to eat and drink whatever you feel like.   Once you have reached your target weight, we now determine your carbohydrate tolerance, and teach you to trust your bodies innate wisdom and signals.  

PHASE FOUR: Maintenance Phase

You’ve reached your goals, you feel great and your metabolism has been reset.  Maintenance is about ensuring you can maintain this level of health by continuing to make the right dietary choices for you.  Over the last few months, you have learned which foods and portion sizes support your body best, and how to adjust your weight if and when it increases.  

What's included in the 3 month plan?
  • Welcome Pack
  • Initial Health & lifestyle questionnaire
  • 3 day food diary review and analysis
  • 1 x 60 minute initial health review
  • Biochemical analysis of 36 of your unique blood markers
  • Bespoke four phase nutrition, lifestyle, & supplement plan 
  • Bespoke Shopping List 
  • Progress Tracker
  • Exclusive access to the MB App and recipe’s
  • 10% discount on supplements
  • 3 x 30 min follow up consultation’s to review progress and discuss next phases.
  • 10 Weekly accountability check in’s via whatsapp
  • 1 x 1hr final review and specific tools for on-going success. 

I will make sure you have a plan for life. You will feel energized and refreshed, experience mental clarity, sleep better, have balanced hormones, and will achieve your optimal body weight.

3 month personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan

Cost £1199 

Canadian $1350