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“I saw Tricia for 3 consultations earlier this year and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her. She did a thorough review of my diet, lifestyle and health issues in a sensitive and professional manner. From this analysis she was able to explain how diet and lifestyle were impacting on my general well being. She explained the impact different foods had on my energy levels and how to change diet to address this. She then gave me a tailored diet plan based upon my individual needs. Six months later I can say I have benefited enormously from this and have really felt a positive impact.”

Dave B.

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“I cannot express enough gratitude for the incredible guidance and support I’ve received from Tricia. As someone who has always struggled with my weight I  was skeptical about trying yet another plan. However, my experience with Metabolic Balance and Tricia has been truly life-changing. In just 8 weeks, I have already shed 27 pounds and am well on my way to reaching my goal weight. Tricia not only provided me with a personalized plan but also educated me about the impact of healthy foods on my body. Her knowledge and encouragement have kept me going even in challenging situations. I am incredibly thrilled with my progress so far and grateful to have someone so knowledgeable and supportive.”

Hannah E.

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“I thought I was leading a healthy lifestyle and was eating the right things and exercising daily but once I reached my early fifties the weight just seemed to creep up and my energy levels decreased. I was in the perimenopausal phase of life and wanted to manage this phase of my life free from any medications if possible. Not only was I suffering from hot flashes and an ever expanding middle but my psoriasis had also flared up. I cannot believe the changes I have seen since starting my personalised plan I am sleeping better, have much more energy and my perimenopausal middle has shrunk by over 4 inches and I am loving the comments I am receiving from family and friends. My psoriasis has greatly improved. I feel that Tricias coaching has given me the confidence and tools to sustain a healthy diet and lifestyle going forward. I Highly recommend Tricia.”

Shirley T. E.

Tricia Traynor Health Leaves

“As a flight attendant my job requires me to constantly adjust to different time zones and work irregular shifts which was taking a toll on my overall health and well-being. Tricia’s expertise in nutrition and understanding of my unique circumstances has been a game changer for me. Tricia’s personalised plan has helped me to lose those stubborn pounds, my energy has increased  and I have finally been able to maintain a healthy weight.  What sets Tricia apart is her genuine care and dedication to her clients.  Her understanding of the unique challenges I face and unwavering support has been key to achieving my goals.”

Laura L.